The Affordable Care Act redefines how you do business, but smart decisions define you.


If you employ 50 or more employees, do you know the ACA mandates that 95% of your eligible employees must receive offers of health insurance – otherwise your company may incur IRS penalties for noncompliance?


While many employers are anxious about the ACA regulations, our clients are exceptionally calm about a potential headache-inducing circumstance. That’s because as a professional employer organization, it’s our responsibility to understand and correctly interpret the ACA. You don’t have time to wade through IRS regulations, chase evolving modifications, or determine who qualifies for health coverage. But we do. ACA compliance has never been easier with us on your side. Plus, relaxation is a side effect.


Informed and accurate decision-making at your fingertips.



Stay informed on Health Care Reform

Navigating Health Care Reform

Top 3 Reasons You Should Let Us Help Your Company With Health Care Reform


1. Ensure Compliance:  Making certain where your company stands with regard to the employer mandate rules, as well as providing employees access to quality medical plans, will help you avoid stiff fines and penalties.


2. Gain Access to Subject Matter Experts:  Letting us guide you will ensure that your employees get innovative plan designs that will meet the ACA requirements and could help to reduce your costs on providing health care benefits.


3. Decrease the Burden Placed on your Internal Staff:  Knowing your company is served well with a fully-integrated system for payroll, benefits, and human resources will reduce your worries with regard to accurate and timely compliance with the ACA.




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