Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a small business outsource an HR infrastructure?

Small business owners want to focus their time and energy on the business of their company and not on the business of employment and more paperwork. As businesses grow, most owners don't have the necessary human resource training, payroll and accounting skills, knowledge of regulatory compliance - like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – or backgrounds in risk management, insurance, and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being an employer.


What’s in it for me?

You’ll love knowing all your bases are completely covered. You’ll finally have a chance to sleep through the night again, unless – that is – you’re dreaming up plans for your booming business.


How does a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) work?

Once a company contracts with Pay Plus Benefits, we co-employ your employees and are responsible for the business of employment - including workers’ compensation, human resource, payroll, and employee tax compliance. We also provide a complete human resource and benefit package for your worksite employees. You retain responsibility for managing your business operations and service. Together we share certain responsibilities for employment law compliance.


When contracting with Pay Plus Benefits, do I still have control of my employees?

As the work-site employer, business owner or manager you set the work schedules, paid leave policies, rate of pay, and vacation time. You remain the supervisory employer and retain responsibility for hiring and recruiting, job duties, daily conduct of the workers, and safety at the work site.


Is your service expensive?

Our complete HR infrastructure costs a fraction of hiring even one HR employee.


Do I hire/fire my employees?

It is entirely up to you, the business owner or manager, to determine who will be hired and/or fired at your company. Our HR department is an excellent resource should you or your employees have any questions regarding these topics.


Who sets the rate of pay?

As the business owner or manager, you set each employee's rate of pay and Pay Plus Benefits will process the hours and wages you provide. Of course the hours and wages must comply with federal and/or state minimum wage and overtime regulations.


What is the PEO's relationship with government agencies?

The PEO is the Employer of Record for your employees and files and pays all federal, state, and local payroll taxes under the PEO’s account numbers.


How are payrolls funded under a co-employment relationship?

As a client, you will receive an invoice each pay period from Pay Plus Benefits which includes gross wages, payroll taxes, employee benefits, workers' compensation and a customer service fee.


Is there a minimum number of employees I need in order to utilize the services of Pay Plus Benefits?

If you have 10 employees or more, you are an excellent fit to contract with Pay Plus Benefits. This size allows you to select a customized benefit package for your eligible employees. We only require that you follow the guidelines set by our insurance provider regarding the minimum number of hours an employee must work in order to be eligible.


Will I still be responsible for generating W-2 statements for my employees?

Pay Plus Benefits strives to make tax season as easy as possible, so we take full responsibility for issuing and mailing your employees’ W-2 statements.


Can Pay Plus Benefits customize my payroll reports to fit my business needs?

Many of the reports you need to make important business decisions can be found in our Online Service Center or they can quickly be created with a few clicks using the filter and grouping features of our simple reporting interface. Should you need additional assistance, give us a call – we’re happy to accommodate your needs.


How quickly can my company be up and running with Pay Plus Benefits?

Once the Client Service Agreement is approved and signed we can have you up and running in five days or less. Your payroll procedures and timelines will be established, your employees will be enrolled using the online enrollment tool, and you’ll have access to customized client information, benefit choices, and insurance booklets at your customized Online Service Center. On pay day, payroll checks will be automatically deposited into your employees’ checking accounts or mailed to them.



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Frequently Asked Questions