Pay Plus Benefits has been a vital part in helping me hire work-at-home employees. Their benefits packages are what I would consider some of the best in the business and their online hiring tool makes it easy for new employees to come on-board.


Jessica Gregory

Transcription Coordinator

Kadlec Regional Medical Center



We hear you. Your company has been awarded a big contract and you need to attract more talented employees. You haven’t shopped for a benefits package and aren’t up-to-speed with labor compliance regulations. Finding and keeping the best and brightest employees is a priority in your growing business.


You’ve created a high energy work environment that allows opportunity for professional growth and need robust service and benefits offerings in order to be competitive. You don’t know where to begin.


Your Pay Plus Benefits Solution

We’ll help ensure that skilled people will want to work for you. We can provide you an instant HR infrastructure that proves you mean business. You’ll recognize the value of having a solid process in place to leverage potential recruits and keep existing employees motivated. You’ll choose a benefits package to suite your employees’ needs.


We’ll assist you in the development of your company handbook based on required employer laws and regulations and make the information available to you and your employees through a customized Online Service Center. The 24/7 secure portal is also where employees can instantly access your company’s procedures and policies, benefits and personnel information, view all medical options and preferred providers, and check 401(k) balances. You’ll finally have the competitive edge your company needs to reach its potential. Your employees will think you are visionary, you’ll know you are.


Attracting and Retaining Employees

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