Bruce Gillespie


Tuxedo Technologies Group, Inc.


They made it easy for us to start our company.

“Tuxedo Technologies Group has been a satisfied Pay Plus Benefits client for over ten years. Using the services provided by Pay Plus Benefits made it easy for us to start our company, bring on new employees, and do it efficiently from day one.


"Pay Plus Benefits makes payroll a snap, and allows Tuxedo to provide quality human resources, health care benefits, and 401(k) services to our employees without the high cost and level of expertise required to set up and administer them internally. They always respond quickly, accurately, and professionally to our questions.


"With Pay Plus Benefits we can concentrate on running and growing our business while keeping our back-office small. This has been a real plus for us.”

Jessica Gregory

Transcription Coordinator

Kadlec Regional Medical Center


They’ve been instrumental in helping me hire work-at-home employees.

"Pay Plus Benefits has allowed me to run a business organization that I would not have been able to do otherwise. They’ve been instrumental in helping me hire work-at-home employees that live all over the United States. It didn't make a difference if the employee was located a few minutes away from me, or thousands of miles away, the process was the same. They make management and payroll very smooth, have a very resourceful website, and are always friendly and responsive whenever my employees or I have any questions.


"I have never had any transaction errors in the three years I've been with Pay Plus Benefits. The packages they offer my Medical Transcriptionists are what I would consider some of the best in the business, especially in these economic times. They are very timely in their notifications to us and our employees about any changes or updates in benefits. They make all forms available online that an employer or employee may need, from direct deposit forms to termination of employment.


"Their online hiring tool makes my job seamless when I hire a new employee. It takes me less than 10 minutes to enter the information that Pay Plus Benefits needs, and their automated system does the rest. And from what I've heard it makes it very easy for the employee as well!


"My relationship with this company has been 100% positive and I would highly recommend it to other businesses looking to outsource their payroll and benefits administration."

Mike Sturgeon

Chief Financial Officer

Lucas Engineering

& Management Services, Inc.


Pay Plus Benefits brings us peace of mind.

"Our relationship with Pay Plus Benefits has been a good experience. With Pay Plus Benefits, every aspect of payroll, payroll taxes, labor laws, and employee benefit management is well taken care of. I feel that we pay a little more for the Pay Plus Benefits service, but it is well worth the peace of mind it brings. We have total confidence that everything is handled timely, accurately, and completely.


"Generally, payroll taxes can be a potential problem area in payroll processing; however, with

Pay Plus Benefits everything is processed seamlessly with no involvement from Lucas Engineering. The bi-weekly processing of our payroll has never been late, and there are virtually no errors (other than the ones we accidentally create during input).


"I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the employees at Pay Plus Benefits. In the 8 years I have been working with Pay Plus I have never had a negative situation arise. We have worked through many payroll-related issues in a professional manner. The issues have always been taken care of to our satisfaction. I actually feel like they are my friends."


Pay Plus Benefits played a big part in helping us grow.

"Pay Plus Benefits has been instrumental in our ability to grow our numerous entities with low administrative costs for more than 15 years. Our employees receive a great benefits plan and

Pay Plus Benefits is always available to answer questions and provide us information."

Monica Hatcher


Stevens Center Management

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