HRA Fit Your Small Business!

At Last an HRA Scaled to Fit Your Small Business!


Large companies with sophisticated benefit departments have used Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) for years to reduce their health care costs. Now, we provide your employees with a great medical benefit plan coupled with a fully administered HRA. You will realize very affordable rates and eliminate worries about how to overcome the complexities of administering a HRA on your own.


Pay Plus Benefits makes it easy for small companies to use a HRA. Not only will you significantly save money on your benefit costs, you’ll have a robust benefit plan and very happy employees because…


It’s Affordable – You’ll save on health benefit costs.


It’s Attractive – The robust benefits you will be able to offer will help you compete for the very best employees.


It’s Effective – a great way to optimize your benefits plan and lower your costs. Plus, our experts will educate your employees and provide total plan administration.


How? With our $250 net deductible HRA Plan! After your employees pay the first $250 of the plan's deductible, they will be reimbursed 100% for the remaining balance of the deductible. This significantly reduces their out-of-pocket expenses.



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